3 Reasons You Need A Healthcare Directive


Pre-select your care preferences

Write down how you want to be cared for and what makes you comfortable.


Avoid family confusion and fighting

Your choices will be written. Not even a doctor or judge can veto your decisions.


Select someone to carry out your wishes

Ensure the person you trust most can legally take care of you and your needs.



What Decisions Can I Make In Advance? 

You'll be the master of your medical treatment and your end-of-life decisions. You can also choose who can be your healthcare agent to make sure your wishes are carried out and to make any other medical decisions for you. 

What If I Don't Have A Healthcare Directive?

Your family -- even your spouse -- will have to spend time and money in Probate Court to ask a judge for permission to take care of you. And your family will not know how you want to be taken care of. 

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