Sharmistha B.

Amity Law Group is great legal resource and provides a high level of customer service to their clients. Jennifer Fu is an exceptional skilled attorney with a vast amount of legal experience.  The law group has supported creating trusts for myself and family. 

I would highly recommend the Amity Law Group for legal support.

Jayshree P.

Edmund helped prepare a living trust for me and my family. He took great care to guide us through the process step by step, and spent the time it took to make sure that he not only prepared a document that fully covered everything that needed to be covered, but also to ensure that we understood the document and felt comfortable with it and any related matters. In so doing, Edmund showed a high level of patience in, and was always extremely respectful.

I truly have no regrets concerning my decision to retain Edmund as my estate planning attorney. In fact, hiring Edmund has truly given me a great sense of security in terms of having my affairs in order, and I truly enjoyed working with him.

Ultimately, Edmund was able to produce a living trust for me and my family with which I was extremely satisfied. Since then, Edmund has continued to keep an eye on things for me and my family, and has remained highly responsive. Edmund is truly a class act as an attorney with whom I truly enjoyed working, and, without any reservations or hesitation whatsoever, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to any person in need of estate planning services.

Ruth C.

My husband and I really have to give Amity Law Group thumbs up, to both the handling attorney Jennifer Fu and her great team at the office. We both set up our living trusts through Amity and the process was professional, exceptionally organized, and very clear each step of the way.

I think this is not a subject to be "ignored" but really plan early and get the right professionals to help and explain the steps, questions, and most importantly, have a very clear documentation established. 

We highly recommend this law firm based on our first hand experiences.

Jae K.

Cindy was able to navigate the complex legal system while representing me in the best way possible. I don’t have time, money, our knowledge, and that’s where she came in.

The service was personal, I dealt with her directly. She took the time to understand the situation and came up with a viable course of action. After my consent, she immediately executed her plan and gave me many updates along the way, daily in some cases.

I would highly recommend Cindy and her team. I would use them again and currently do.

Cie R.

My initial telephone conversation with Mr. Yan provided me pertinent information regarding my estate. His assessment of my immediate situation was thorough and he alerted me to specific areas of my estate that need immediate attention. His patience, professionalism, and experience made me feel confident to recommend his services.

Edmund is extremely professional, communicative, detail oriented, and he is one of the few lawyers that I know who provides quality client services.
His assessment of my immediate situation was thorough and he alerted me to specific areas of my estate that need immediate attention.

Tian L.

I hired Edmund and his legal services to set up my living trust and I am so glad that I have done so. Edmund is extremely professional, communicative, detail oriented, and he is one of the few lawyers that I know who provides quality client services (I have interacted with many lawyers before so believe me when I say that). He proactively set up multiple meetings and calls with me to go over the details of my trust - some of the stuff I don't even think of/remember and he was able to pinpoint them. I also rely on him in educating me about all the legal languages, implications, etc.

Another example is that when I went getting the living trust notarized, even the notary public was impressed. He said not all lawyers are so good with the paperwork prepared for their clients, and have definitely seen many mistakes made by attorneys before, causing the customers to having to go back and make changes. The living trust Edmund prepared me was literally perfect when I took it to the notary public, saving me and the notary public some back and forth!

I am truly impressed by Edmund's patience, professionalism and speed in delivering the final living trust. Highly recommended! You won't regret it regardless of what legal services you need from Edmund!

Lisa N.

Cindy is an exceptional attorney and truly a delight to work with.  She accommodated my very busy schedule with phone and video conferencing.  She is responsive and gives a lot of personal attention.

Most importantly, she's an expert in estate planning and made sure that I understood everything! I'm very happy to have found this firm!

Suresh P.

Edmund Yan is an absolutely terrific and highly capable attorney whom I can and do FULLY RECOMMEND to anyone in need of estate planning services.

Edmund guided me through the estate planning process and helped me prepare a living trust. He was highly responsive to my need and took time to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Notably, before hiring Edmund, a family friend strongly recommended another attorney (an attorney who, unlike Edmund, had very high fees), but when that same family friend saw the trust Edmund prepared for me, he was shocked at how much better the trust Edmund was prepared than the trust that his attorney prepared.

I truly have no regrets concerning my decision to retain Edmund as my estate planning attorney. In fact, hiring Edmund has truly given me a great sense of security in terms of having my affairs in order, and I truly enjoyed working with him.

R. A.

Edmund is extremely personable and very knowledgeable. Due to very busy schedules with kids, it took several months -- from consultation to signatures -- for us to do our estate plan. He was very responsive to our emails and patient in explaining all of the documents. Hopefully, we won't need these documents any time soon, but it's great knowing that our kids will be looked after if we kick the proverbial bucket.

Sam Rad, Certified Financial Planner

Affluencer Financial Advisors

I am a Certified Financial Planner that has hired Edmund on many occasions in order to help my clients with their Estate Planning needs. I have seen what Edmund can do first hand and have received feedback from my clients who have also dealt with him. Edmund is always very well prepared and shows up on time! He is always very presentable and professional. He speaks to people in simple, understandable terms that they can understand and I really appreciate that about a lawyer. I cant stand when lawyers speak in legal jargon it drives me nuts. I can also say that Edmunds pricing is very fair and reasonable and thats why I have used him on many occasions. I would highly recommend him because of his expertise, professionalism and his ability to be cost effective.

Rafael and Sabitre

We set up our mother's living trust over 10 years ago and it was time for a review. The original lawyer had since retired and we found Edmund Vincent online. Some of the challenges included a mother who primarily speaks Spanish and us that live a few hundreds miles away. Still, we could not have asked for a better experience. 

After a brief phone conversation, we sent Edmund some documents he requested and he was clear on his timeline and what would happen next. He reviewed the documents and we arranged a meeting during one of our trips to Los Angeles. During the visit, Edmund pointed out real problems with the original trust and what he needed to do about correcting them. He asked our mother a number of questions and also captured any changes or desires she wanted to make. We never felt rushed and Edmund explained the process very easily. This is no small feat given our mother is in her 70s and not a native English speaker. But Edmund was patient and our mother commented that she felt very comfortable. 

Edmund made the necessary changes and updates to the trust. He communicated with us and subsequently with our mother to get all the documents signed. He even went to visit our mother at her home to get the final documents signed off. The final documents were turned in on time and quickly. 

We cannot give higher praise to Edmund and the positive experience that we had. He was clear in the various steps, stayed on schedule, delivered on his promises and intentions. Perhaps the biggest compliment we can pay him is that we would use him for our own estate planning without hesitation, although logistics make that difficult given that we don't live in Los Angeles.

We did want our mother to have a positive experience and she conveyed that Edmund was easy to work with and that she felt very comfortable with him handling this very important issue. Now our mother feels much more comfortable that her documents are in order.

Gev K.

My wife and I hired Edmund to develop a comprehensive estate plan for us. The introduction came via our retirement planner, who is a close high school friend of mine. Edmund came recommended and most definitely delivered. I'd say our situation warrants a moderate level of complexity with 2 homes, a separate business identity, a child on the way and a myriad of independent and employer sponsored investment accounts.

Being a risk management professional for a very large public organization, I had dealt with complex legal liability matters as well as complicated probate investigations. My interest and need for elaboration was high and I feel I had more than a standard volume of questions and expectations from his services. His technical knowledge base is strong and he brings a solid level of experience on the various faces of estate planning and litigation. His approach on developing the plan (and necessary related components) is very comprehensive and his philosophy on troubleshooting potential issues to prepare for is methodical and ethical.

Throughout the entire process Edmund answered all our many questions clearly, completely and credibly. We carried a consistent impression that he is very much available to us at any time and truly has our deepest, best interests in mind with his work services. He often extended recommendations that not only addressed the situations being explored but also extended into very necessary components we had not yet thought of but upon his suggestions to discuss, immediately realized the critical value and necessity for.

Needles to note, estate planning is a process that is inherently about determining and detailing very uncomfortable and unpleasant realities of life. I will say that the process was significantly less "painful" than we had braced ourselves for. Edmund's approach and thorough advocacy for our best interests is undoubtedly responsible for it having been as pleasant an experience as it was. I appreciate how many random surprises were avoided by some of the little extra touches he provided in his advisory process.

I was also quite relieved with the level of efficiency designed into his approach. Overall, I am genuinely and thoroughly satisfied with the holistic service and final product. Having Edmund do our living family trust has yielded me a sense of comfort for having an invaluable ally in all things estate planning related. In an important and sobering process like this, it is desirable to have a strong technical expert that also balances with genuine soft skills and regard for humanity and diversity.

With that said, I highly and whole-heartedly recommend Edmund for estate planning counsel without any reservations whatsoever.

*These testimonials and endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.