Rosemead Probate Lawyer


The loss of a loved one is certainly a very tough situation and dealing with the details involved with his/her estate is often a difficult experience. There are several legal procedures related to the division and administration of the property of an estate. 

When someone you care about passes away, the last thing anyone wants to think about is the red tape that comes with attending the Probate Court. Moreover, you need to compile the right documents to make sure that the Will is supporting the right people involved.




Expert Rosemead Probate Lawyer

By having the right by your side, the demanding process of probate goes from fearful to optimistic. At Amity Law Group, LLP, our goal is to work at all times with transparency, honesty and firm ethical standards.

We believe in offering the best quality service to our clients, whether their matter involves the creating a simple will or opposing a complex inheritance arrangement across global boundaries. 


Our Rosemead probate lawyers can minimize the stress of probate by offering you the following services:
•    Publish Notice to Creditors
•    Prepare Federal and New York State tax returns on behalf of the decedent and estate
•    Assist in locating assets and establishing an estate bank account
•    File the inventory of the estate assets
•    Defend against any Will contests
•    File Petition with Probate’s Court to open an estate
•    Secure current Will/Trust and determine the distribution plan and beneficiaries
•    Determine the validity of claims declared against the estate and defend against those which are not valid
•    Distribute assets to beneficiaries
•    Administer Estate and/or Trust in accordance with State and Federal law
•    Attend all necessary court hearings

Experienced and Reliable Rosemead Probate Lawyer

The attorneys at the Amity Law Group, LLP have expertise at representing clients in all matters of probate and guardianship, including the complications and adversities that can arise.  

Our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of probate law enable us to handle a variety of probate matters, including wills and trusts, probate administration and litigation, will contests, and guardianship. 

We will explain what the probate procedure involves, what happens inside and outside of the Surrogate’s Court, and resolve any disagreements or disputes that may arise between the beneficiaries or non-beneficiaries who declare their claim to the estate’s assets. 

                                     Legal representation with a difference!

We represent administrators, beneficiaries, trustees, executors, individuals, partnerships, and other entities in the will contests, probate proceedings, actions for breach of fiduciary duties, accountings, and petitions for the division of property. 

Our Rosemead probate lawyers probate lawyers make it easy for the creditor to claims and lien against the property of the estate for its resolution. We will also make sure that the property and all assets are distributed properly according to the Last Will and Testament of the deceased.

Need an experienced attorney in connection with your probate or guardianship matter in Rosemead? Feel free to contact us today or you can also give us a call at (626) 307-2800 for a complimentary consultation.