3 Reasons You Need A Will


select who gets your things

Write down who should receive what and make it legally binding to avoid litigation.



Choose trusted guardians to take care of your kids if you and your spouse can't.


appoint someone to take care of everything

Your personal representative will help you distribute your things to your family.



What If I Die Without A Will?

You won’t control who inherits your things. Instead, the probate judge will decide who gets what based on California law. 

Worst, you can't control who raises your little kids. A judge will decide for you and your kids could end up in foster care.

Is A Living Trust Better? 

A living trust is like a will, but it gives you even greater power to manage how your loved ones use the money you leave them.

Also, it will help your family avoid the expensive & exhausting process of probate court. Click here to learn about living trusts.

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