Estate Planning Is Like Time Traveling


But better...

Estate planning is like time traveling. You get a glimpse of your future problems, and you do a few things differently today to prevent those problems from happening tomorrow.


Without an estate plan, your loved ones will have no idea what to do if you become disabled or when you pass away.

  • For example, if you’re disabled, do you know who has the legal power to take care of you and make your medical decisions?
  • Who has the power to manage your assets and your finances? Is it your spouse? Or can your children or a relative legally interfere?
  • Will your disability require an expensive court intervention?
  • And what’s going to happen to your health and your assets in the mean time?


Just as important, what happens when you pass away? Even if we don’t want to admit it, one day we’re going to be forced to leave this world.

  • When that day comes, do you know whether your loved ones will be able to inherit the things you’ve spent your entire life building? And if the answer’s yes, will they have enough money to pay for their basic needs, such as their education and living expenses?
  • Will they get their hands on the money all at once and have the chance to misuse it on drugs, gambling, and shopping sprees?
  • And will they be able to carry on your legacy by continuing to grow the family business?
  • What about your little ones, your kids? Who’s going to raise them if something happens to both you and your spouse at the same time?

As you can see, these questions about your future can result in terrifying consequences if you don’t have the correct answer. Fortunately, you can create a plan today so you and your family will be prepared for tomorrow.


My name is Edmund, I’m an attorney and I help families like yours maintain harmony by create an estate plan before a disability or death. I have a pretty cool job. I time travel with my clients in the sense that I give them a preview of how their family’s future may look if they didn’t have an estate plan, and then I help them design one to change their future for the better.

If you want to see how it’s done, stay tuned to watch my next videos and blog posts. I’ll show you a few tricks on how you can be prepared, and what happens if you do nothing. These are valuable lessons that I teach all my clients.

Are you excited to learn more? I can’t wait to show you.

See you in the future.

- Edmund

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